Introduction to Image Manipulation

What is Image Manipulation?

Image manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception after the original photographing took place.

 Why is it important to understand? Because a high percentage of photos that you see in magazines and on the web have been altered in some way, often times to get you to think about something in a certain way, and, because it’s easy.

Don’t Always believe what you see. According to Newsweek, the retouching of photos has become so mainstream it’s not only expected but also demanded from Hollywood publicists. Magazine editors believe their readers are not being deceived because they know the images have been altered. But do the readers really know this?

Hollywood stars have re-touchers  on staff who work on every photo before it’s released.


 Image manipulation with GIMP?

A video showing some of the assignments we will work on in GIMP

Using GIMP follow the instructions on the videos to alter the photos below using the Clone Tool.

Video 1 – Introduction to the GIMP Clone Tool

Video 2 – Introduction to the GIMP Clone Tool




In class we will work on the following GIMP assignments using the Clone Tool:

  • Assignment 1 Clone Brush
  • Assignment 2 Clone Brush
  • Assignment 3 Clone Brush
If you have problems:

  1. review the videos
  2. quietly ask your neighbor
  3. ask the teacher

Complete Assignment 1 then:

  1. use Think – Pair -Share to evaluate your clone tool skills.
  2. Be prepared to discuss any problems in class

Complete Assignments 2 and ask me to evaluate.

In Assignment 3 you will have to use the clone tool differently

Exit Ticket –

  1. Why is it important to learn Image Manipulation
  2. What can you do with the Clone Tool